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A significant number of our criminal defense clients are college students and other tourists who are charged with criminal offenses such as DUI, DWI, drug charges, assault, drunk and disorderly charges or even simple traffic tickets while visiting Ocean City, Maryland, and other summer getaways along the Coastal Highway and U.S. Route 50. We understand how difficult it can be to handle your criminal defense when you live and work in another city or state.

At the law firm of Jeffrey G. Ray, we serve many clients who are from another state and need an experienced local attorney after vacationing in communities among many counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

We are familiar with the local courts and administrative agencies that handle criminal cases. As a result, we know how to help you obtain the best possible conclusion in a timely manner.

Get The Defense You Need For Your Future

Many of our clients are first-time offenders who discover how difficult it can be dealing with an important legal issue from hundreds of miles away. One of our goals is to handle as much of your case as possible and minimize the interruption to your daily life. Our approach involves intense pretrial work, including negotiations, to help you resolve your case outside of court.

With more than 30 years in the legal system, we are skilled at obtaining exceptional results in criminal defense matters. Even though we prepare every matter for trial, we understand that you may be better served through negotiation and settlement. We will help you make informed decisions to determine if your situation warrants settlement or a trial, and we will only proceed with your best interests in mind.

A lot of people do things on vacation that they wouldn’t do at home. They get drunk, break into apartments, get into fights or are stopped for driving under the influence. If you are from a larger city, you might think a charge for assault and battery, burglary, or serious driving crimes is not a big deal. But Worcester County is a rural area, and our judges are all from rural areas. They tend to have a more conservative view and treat these matters very seriously.

It’s important to have your case represented by local counsel. At Jeffrey G. Ray, we know the local police officers, the judges, court personnel and prosecutors. We know what arguments to make in the local courts and what will be effective. More than 90 percent of the criminal cases we handle are disposed of with very favorable plea agreements. In the event your case proceeds to trial it will likely result in an acquittal.

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At Jeffrey G. Ray, we offer in-depth knowledge and experience that comes with more than 30 years in the legal profession. We will work to minimize the impact your case has on your life and reach the best possible conclusion. To get started, contact us by calling 888-277-5490 to schedule a consultation with a Worcester County criminal defense lawyer.