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Protecting You From The Long-Term Impacts Of A Bench Warrant

Discovering that a warrant is out for your arrest is a terrifying realization, especially if you live out of state and the warrant took you by surprise. However, with the right representation, you can avoid spending any time behind bars. At law firm Jeffrey G Ray, attorney Ray has over 40 years of experience helping clients in Ocean City and throughout Worcester County navigate the legal process and defend against criminal charges.

Whether you are a local to Maryland’s Eastern Shore or got into trouble while on vacation, you need a strong legal advocate who understands the local court system. Attorney Jeffrey G Ray works expeditiously to resolve your case so that you can move forward with your life while providing the guidance you need to make informed decisions.

A Missed Court Notice Does Not Have To Ruin Your Life

If you encounter legal issues while visiting Ocean City from out of town, you might miss a court notice altogether. If you fail to appear for your court date, a judge can issue a bench warrant that authorizes law enforcement to arrest you and keep you in custody.

A bench warrant can stem from a variety of misdemeanors or more serious crimes, including:

Some of these offenses require you to appear in court with a 60-day notice, while others are a payable citation. Notices are usually sent by mail, which poses a problem for people without a permanent address in Maryland.

However, you have options to prevent jail time and expensive fines. Our lawyer can help you file a motion to quash a bench warrant, which asks the court to recall the warrant and set a new court date. When you have a valid reason for failing to appear, such as defective notice, illness or a family emergency, the court will often grant the motion.

Getting You The Results You Need

Failure to appear can be a serious violation in Maryland, but it can have a positive resolution if it’s addressed quickly. You are more likely to achieve your desired outcome by directly confronting the warrant. Contact Jeffrey G Ray today by calling 888-277-5490 or completing an online contact form to schedule a consultation.